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Equine Animation 3D



EquiMation 3D is an interactive, three dimensional, animated model of the horses head that has unparalleled educational potential.Equine Animations has designed EquiMation 3D to aid the understanding of the anatomy of the horses head, specifically dentition.
The program has been developed to be user friendly. The user can work their way through it at their own pace as you would read a book or can jump back and forth through any section they wish. Any person that has used a Windows based computer program such as Microsoft word will feel very comfortable navigating their way through this program. The program can be used for: personal education, group lectures or clientele education.
What is in this program?
• Extensive soft tissue anatomy, including muscles, nerves, arteries and veins. With the click of the mouse structures will be highlighted and information will be provided with audio and/or text. Superficial structures can be hidden to better observe deeper structures.
• Skull anatomy.
• Tooth anatomy.
• Nomenclature.
• Aging.
• Mastication in motion.
• Common pathologies seen in the mouth.Most sections are completely interactive, i.e. user has the ability to: rotate, zoom, shrink and hide sections of some images to provide a better understanding of some structures.